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Mammoth Marketing is a recognized leader in the event-based marketing field. We attribute this reputation to our collaborative culture, which powers all our efforts. Accomplished managers work in unison with new team members, combining fresh ideas with the wisdom of experience to produce head-turning campaigns. Our individualized training and coaching program enables our people to master the skills and knowledge needed to shine in the world of sales and marketing.

The Brightest Talent in the Industry Is Found at Mammoth Marketing

Mammoth Marketing’s team consists of creative and strategic thinkers who bring a wide range of experience and insight to the table. This high-level proficiency is applied to every initiative we design and deliver. We keep our eyes on the big picture, providing superior customer service to ensure buyer satisfaction and long-term success for the brands we represent. Such commitment leads to frequent recognition of our work.

Get To Know Our Team!


Allie graduated from University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin with a Sociology degree with a minor in Journalism, Advertising and Mass Media Studies. Her favorites activities outside of the office include fishing, relaxing by the pool, motorcycle rides in the mountains which all include enjoying time with friends. Allie strives off of helping other develop into leaders which has in turn helped her growth with the Mammoth Marketing team. All of her success has come from pushing herself out of her comfort zone and being the best version of herself. Her goals are that of becoming a home-owner, traveling the world, and providing for her family.


BJ is in process of obtaining his marketing degree from the University of St. Thomas. He is passionate about traveling, photography, and delicious food. He thrives off of interacting with others and turning everything into a learning experience. BJ is all about living, laughing, and looking forward to the future.


While attending UCMT, Brody participated in football, show choir, and track and field. These efforts instilled in him the importance of teamwork, focus, and perseverance. Brody has further sharpened these abilities on the Mammoth Marketing team, and eagerly helps his colleagues foster them as well.


Chris is originally from Parker City, Indiana but he graduated high school in Columbus, Ohio. Chris loves the team building events, bonds that are built, and support system from the team at Mammoth Marketing. He loves reading, playing video games, bike riding, and watching movies in his spare time. His long term goals for himself are to retire from the marketing business world in 15 years and then own his own bar and brewery.


Drake is from Detroit, Michigan and moved to Colorado to pursue his education at Colorado State University. He graduated with his bachelors degree in Economics with a minor in Finance. He has a wide array of hobbies including hiking, camping, running, studying Japanese, brewing Kombucha, and listening to live music. Cooking is also a hobby that excites him, and when he has the opportunity he tries out new Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese dishes. Mammoth Marketing has given him a sense of responsibility and what it means to work together on a team. He strives off of the fast-moving and fun atmosphere. His goals are to own his own business, that with the success it will bring, give him the ability to travel the world.


Ivan has is from both Georgia and Missouri as he received his bachelors of science from Northwest Missouri State University. Ivan spends his free time writing and giving back to the community with his passion for volunteer work. The high energy and engagement that Mammoth Marketing brings is what he enjoys the most working with our team. Ivan also enjoys cooking and is quite a natural at it.


Kevin is originally from Pennsylvania. His hobbies include playing soccer, hiking, playing Rocket League, and Marvel Comics. Kevin is thriving off of the Mammoth Marketing atmosphere and the diversity of individuals that have been successful with the company. Not only has Kevin been a natural athlete he is also a theatre junkie. The mix of sports and theatre have made him a very outgoing and charismatic person and he strives to motivate anyone he meets.


Joining Mammoth Marketing from Orlando, Florida, Leah is a vital member of our team. With a degree in Marketing from the University of Louisville, Leah applies a unique skill set to achieve results for our clients. “What I like most about Mammoth Marketing is that possibilities are endless.”

Meghan N.


Meghan honed her expertise and leadership acumen at Central College in Pella, Iowa. There she studied business management with an emphasis in marketing, not-for-profit business management, and even music. Running Mammoth Marketing as a well-oiled machine, Meghan operates on the belief that everyone can expand and grow if they work independently – but together.


From: McHenry, IL

Education: Bachelor of Science in Vocal/General Music Education

Favorite part: Coaching and mentoring other people, watching them grow, seeing my own personal growth, team culture

Goals: pay my parents back for everything they’ve given to me, own a voice studio, financial freedom, good health

Fun fact: met all the top 10 season 6 American idols


Molly grew up in Kansas and made her way to Denver to attend the University of Denver. She received a bachelor’s degree in both International Relations and French. With a passion for crafting, Molly runs an Etsy shop based around thrift shopping and crafting. At Mammoth Marketing, she is motivated by the supportive people she has encountered. It has changed her life both professionally and personally that she strives to provide the same guidance for others. Her long-term goal includes using her crafting and business experience to create an exciting business of her own.


As a current college student, Nathan is in pursuit of his Psychology Degree. He is originally from Nicaragua Managua but moved to Virginia to attend school. Nathan enjoys the outdoors and you can always find him hiking in his free time. He aims to be the best at everything he sets his mind to. He has learned many concepts here at Mammoth Marketing that include business operations and how probability influences everyday life.


Rachel was born in Colorado but at the age of 10 moved to Indianapolis, Illinois where she lived out her high school years. Rachel ended up going to 4 different colleges for travel experience as well as attending a year abroad in England. She graduated with a Chemistry degree from the University of Cincinnati. Rachel learned that life is a journey and an adventure, she is a very active outdoors kind of girl. Some of the outdoor activities she enjoys are snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, swimming, running, volleyball, and basically anything that involves friends and family.


Shonda is a Colorado native that continued her education at Colorado Mesa University to obtain her degree in Mass Communications. Her everyday interactions with the team is what excites her and she is a very humble and driven worker. Shonda is a huge dog lover that enjoys doing anything outside with her pups. Her goal in life is to always leave more than is given.


Where from: Arizona

education: Associate in Art

Favorite part of working with the business: The ability to learn and push myself mentally and physically. Opportunity is always an option and growth is a constant in this business.

Goals: To support myself and my family financially. To see the world and make memories.

fun fact: I have met Mario Lopez

Tom W.

Tom studied business administration at the University of Houston, and lends his industry knowledge to the firm’s hiring and training processes. He is particularly known for his presentation skills. Tom has a love of travel, and in his downtime he enjoys hiking with his dogs.

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