Sharon Lays Out the Five Steps for Achieving Success

Sharon Lays Out the Five Steps for Achieving Success

Recognition is a Mammoth Marketing value that we actively look for ways to express. Certainly our internal promotions are one way of doing this, but another is by highlighting the impressive accomplishments of our coworkers, be they work-related or personal.

This month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on Sharon for an essay she wrote on how Mammoth Marketing meets the five steps of igniting peak performance. She was inspired by something she heard at one of our learning seminars: “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” From there, she went on to discuss the accomplishments of Lou Gehrig, and how even while struggling against the disease that would later bear his name, he was able to play major league baseball for over 18 years without missing a day. The five steps that Lou Gehrig used to achieve peak performance in his career are the same Sharon sees high achievers using in our office:

Find Jobs That Light You Up
Have Fun
Grapple and Grow With Your Peers
Look for Ways to Shine
Use Excellence as Your Only Standard

The mind-set that’s foundational to these steps is a belief that all people want to work hard, and that it’s the job of managers and leaders to create a culture in which people feel empowered to put all their effort into their chosen projects. Once that is accomplished, these five steps become a natural progression.

Working with intelligent, insightful team members like Sharon is a privilege, and we’re proud that as a team we reflect these ideals. Learn more about how we maintain our culture of achievement by liking Mammoth Marketing on Facebook.