Reflection Fills Us With Anticipation for the New Year

Reflection Fills Us With Anticipation for the New Year

The new year is almost upon us, and while we have much to look forward to in 2019, we feel it’s good to highlight our Mammoth Marketing victories from 2018 first. This allows us to say thank you to the hard-working people who helped make these gains possible and provide us with the drive needed to rack up even greater feats in the future.

To start with, two of our proudest Mammoth Marketing accomplishments were expanding our operations in the Denver area and finding traction in New Mexico! Growth is one of the major indicators that a company and its team are thriving, and we plan to open at least two more offices in the next eight months while strengthening the Denver team.

There were a number of awards we received in 2018 as well: Meghan won the Consistency Owner of the Year award and attended the Take Ownership Cruise with Erik Thomas. She also spoke at the Dallas Top Leader and Newport Top Leader conferences and hosted the Rocky Mountain Conference, too. As if that wasn’t enough, she also went to Kansas City to learn their best practices.

While these are great accomplishments, what Meghan said she’s most proud of is generating $3.2 million in revenue for the brands in the firm’s portfolio and helping three top producers promote to executive roles.

These are just a few of the wins that made 2018 a stellar year, and we plan on making the most of the momentum we’ve created in 2019. Check out our progress by following Mammoth Marketing on Twitter.