Our Top Producers Enjoy a Trip to Disneyland

Our Top Producers Enjoy a Trip to Disneyland

There are many exciting travel opportunities for Team Mammoth Marketing throughout the year. For example, 11 people recently returned from an industry retreat in Disneyland. This trip was a way of recognizing their hard work and commitment to helping our firm reach its goals.

Along with a trip to Magic Kingdom, there were also many other activities in which our team members took part. They were in Los Angeles, California, after all – a fairly magical place itself. Our intrepid travelers came back feeling refreshed and inspired and had amazing best practices and innovative techniques to share with those of us who stayed behind at Mammoth Marketing HQ.

There are other benefits besides recognition that make our travel program so important. Our promotional specialists connect on a more personal level when they spend time with one another away from the office. We can let our proverbial hair down, let go of our titles and workplace duties, and just be ourselves. The friendships built in this way inspire camaraderie throughout our office.

In a creative business like ours, restful getaways improve the quality of our work too. When we take the time to recharge our creative energy and freshen our perspectives, we bring more innovation and engagement to our projects.

Congratulations to everyone who earned their way to LA – you’re an inspiration to us all! Like Mammoth Marketing on Facebook to see where our travel program sends us next.