Our President’s Reality-Checking Podcast

Our President’s Reality-Checking Podcast

We’re no strangers to the podcast world around the Mammoth Marketing office, frequently sharing what we’ve learned through listening with our teammates. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Meghan, our firm’s President, has started her own podcast called Expectations v. Reality. The show focuses on what Meghan and other business leaders from across the country have noticed about the millennial thought process.

Meghan stated, “During the podcast, we talk about what millennials expect life to be like after college. There are testimonials from people who have had some ups and downs through their transitions to adulthood. The point I wanted to make through the podcast is that entrepreneurs will face obstacles. Putting in the right amount of time and effort is the only recipe for success. Doing the work is also the only proven way to bridge young professionals’ expectations and the reality of everyday work.”

We’ve taken to heart the idea that time is one of the most valuable assets for any ambitious professional. When we allow ourselves to reflect on our current projects and future goals, we’re better equipped to plan for sustaining success.

Taking time to assess our strengths and weaknesses has also helped us progress toward our biggest Mammoth Marketing objectives. Meghan added, “Constant improvement is a core Mammoth Marketing value. Giving ourselves plenty of chances to evaluate where we are leads to meaningful growth.”

We’re excited about Meghan’s podcast and putting what we learn from it to good use. Follow Mammoth Marketing on Twitter for more on our commitment to personal growth.