Our Memorable R&R Trip to Las Vegas

Our Memorable R&R Trip to Las Vegas

A recent R&R excursion to Las Vegas gave select members of Team Mammoth Marketing plenty to talk about when they returned to the office. Rachel, Tom, Shonda, Josh, and Meghan represented us in Vegas. It was the first such trip for Tom, Josh, and Shonda, so they were especially excited to maximize the benefits it offered.

Meghan, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that the retreat is a great way to reward hard work. The purpose of the trip is to take a break and reflect on all the success our dedicated team members have helped Mammoth Marketing achieve. It’s also an effective team-building experience, because we were able to sit down and discuss our organizational goals for the rest of 2018.

While talking about recent wins and future goals, our team members also got to know each other better on a personal level. Taking in the sights and sounds of a place like Vegas is always fun. Our people received the added bonus of learning about hidden talents and shared interests in the process. They came back to the office freshly energized to collaborate toward major victories.

The R&R also provides significant networking opportunities. Our brand managers were surrounded by industry leaders and highly skilled peers during their time in Vegas. They returned home with an array of new contacts to whom they can go for advice.

We’re excited about the benefits we gained from the Vegas R&R. You can get updates on all our team travel events by following Mammoth Marketing on Twitter.