Mammoth Marketing: Tips for Acing Your Interview

Mammoth Marketing: Tips for Acing Your Interview

We at Mammoth Marketing know that interviewing is a stressful process. Any new trick that could give you an extra edge is fantastic. View the following and see if these are not yet in your tool belt:

• Do Research on the Company: Find out everything you can about the company in question – not just its mission statement, industry, and goals. Go to their company social media accounts to check out more about their company culture, and check LinkedIn to see if you know someone who either works there or who used to work there. Associates at Mammoth Marketing recommend you gather information about a company’s culture and values.

• Collect Business Cards: Mammoth Marketing leaders stress this as a requirement, not just in itself but because of the next step – writing thank-you notes (on real stationary, not emails). Having business cards from everyone you interviewed with will arm you with the contact information needed to write those personalized cards. While not mandatory, sending thank-you notes will give you a polished edge that could make all the difference.

• Follow Up With Your Interviewer: This step is one that many applicants overlook, to their detriment. We at Mammoth Marketing advise you not to forget about the job after you interview; don’t sit by the phone or wait for emails either. After a week has passed (or longer, depending on the industry), call to inquire if the position has been filed. Hiring managers may be torn between a few candidates and this gesture will inform them that you are serious about the position. If they have decided to go with someone else, thank them for their consideration. It may also help to ask for honest feedback on how you could have improved your performance.

There are many articles discussing strategies for the interview itself, suggestions like how to prepare for the difficult questions, or to memorize your résumé. We at Mammoth Marketing call your attention to the oft-neglected tasks. Do not assume these traditions are optional. In a competitive market every little gesture helps.