Mammoth Marketing Recognizes Its Strong Female Leadership

Mammoth Marketing Recognizes Its Strong Female Leadership

AURORA, CO – Mammoth Marketing’s Director of Operations, Meghan, highlighted the organization’s female leaders in honor of International Women’s Month.

Meghan does her best to share her sense of confidence and commitment with other ladies on Team Mammoth Marketing while being a mentor and example for women everywhere. “I am the oldest of five kids and 16 grandkids,” she explained. “There were many eyes on me after I graduated high school. Not only did I want to show them they could go to college, get scholarships, and graduate from anywhere, I wanted to show them they had the power to relocate for great opportunities. I traveled internationally. I held corporate positions. And I wanted to show them entrepreneurship as well.”

Meghan revealed more of her motivation, saying, “Growing up on a farm, I was taught hard work and grit from my mom. I was fortunate enough to know three generations of grandmothers. I also watched my aunt open her own chiropractic firm, which has become very successful. I am proud to come from a long line of strong women and I want to continue that tradition in my family.”

Mammoth Marketing’s Female Leaders Share Stories From Their Career Journeys

Some of the other women that make Mammoth Marketing so successful shared their perspectives on what it’s like to be a female business leader. Siboney, one of the firm’s administrators, had this to say: “I love working with so many inspirational women! We all bring our personalities and talents together. Meghan has literally been like a big sister to me. She’s always there when I need her.” Gabbie, another admin, said, “As a mother, I want to show my kids that they can do anything they put their minds to. I want to show them that success is defined in many different ways and they should feel valued and excited in their careers. I can be that example by being part of the Mamfam!”

Several of the Mammoth Marketing campaign managers shared their experiences too. Gwen confirmed her positive experience, saying, “I’m a big sister: headstrong, competitive, and even stubborn sometimes! But it is because I really believe in everything I set my mind to. Personal or professional, I’m going to give it 100 percent. If I worked in an environment that didn’t let my roots roam, I would not be happy. It’s great that I’m encouraged to be myself every day.”

Shannon had inspiring things to say about her association with Mammoth Marketing as well. “Getting to know the ladies in the company has been amazing. I’m pretty new here, but I feel like we have been friends forever. Gwen and I rock climb together weekly. Meghan and I meal prep together. It’s so great to have genuine relationships with your work family. I can’t wait to be that person for someone else that comes in new!” Krystl chimed in as well, saying, “I moved to Colorado for this opportunity. It’s great to know that I have the support – personally and professionally – from this strong team of ladies.”

Mammoth Marketing celebrates female empowerment 12 months a year and is delighted to highlight the women who have made the organization such a remarkable success. With Meghan’s leadership, the company is sure to be an example of how effective female business leaders are for a long time to come.

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