How Our Company Name Connects to Our Culture

How Our Company Name Connects to Our Culture

People often ask us, “Why is your company named Mammoth Marketing?” It’s a great question actually, and one that we welcome.

“There is definitely a lot of purpose and meaning to the name, and anyone can see the spirit of our brand echo through our culture,” shared Meghan, Mammoth Marketing’s Director of Operations. “Perhaps the most important connection is that we have gigantic goals, and I wanted a name that evoked that sense of superlative size.”

Here are some other reasons we’ve chosen to name ourselves after one of the most impressive animals of the Ice Age:

• Intelligence: Mammoths were very wise creatures. We consistently look for more efficient ways to work without compromising any aspect of the task at hand.

• Positivity: We place a large emphasis in encouraging a positive attitude not only personally but also as a team. In many cultures, an elephant with its trunk facing upwards symbolized good luck. We believe that one’s output is directly related to one’s input which is why we strive to invest everything we have to achieve our goals.

• Strength: Mammoths had the power to back up their size. They must have seemed like an unstoppable force to any creature they encountered, and that’s the attitude we bring to work with us every day.

• Collaboration: While powerful alone, the true strength of mammoths was in the herd. Together, they could fend off predators, remove literal tons of snow while foraging for food, and even protect each other from the frigid tundra winds. We can accomplish almost anything we set our minds to when we collaborate as well.

• Female Leadership: Like modern elephant herds, mammoth herds were matriarchal. Our firm also benefits from strong female leadership, with over half of our executive team being women.

• Size: It’s not any secret that the size of a mammoth was astounding and we like to think our goals are just as big. Due to our motivation to succeed, we find ourselves to be accomplishing more than we could have imagined because of the team, mentality, and goals we have.

These are just a few of the reasons that Mammoth Marketing is the perfect name for our company. Check out our Newswire feed to see more ways we resemble these majestic creatures.