Advanced Training and Mentorship Support Our Success

Advanced Training and Mentorship Support Our Success

Continual learning is another Mammoth Marketing value that influences the way we operate. We look for ways to ensure that team members can grow both personally and professionally from day one with our firm and continue to do so throughout their careers.

“I’m always excited to highlight our training and mentorship program,” shared the President of Mammoth Marketing, Meghan. “When we have someone join our team, they are paired with their own coach for one-to-one mentoring right off the bat. We think it’s important for novice associates to have a go-to person for anything they may need.”

Meghan continued to extol the virtues of the company’s approach to learning, saying, “Our training program is very structured and the materials are all provided upon joining the firm. Those who start our curriculum are usually people looking for new challenges or even a change in careers.”

Along with the sharing of knowledge, Meghan has also instituted a feedback loop to ensure that what’s learned is also retained. “There are weekly reviews with each person in our company to go over goals and see if there is anything additional needed to help them achieve success,” she explained.

The firm’s thorough approach to sharing knowledge is the foundation of its excellence. Follow Mammoth Marketing on Twitter to find out more about the ways team members are encouraged to achieve their potential.