Ideas for Corporate Philanthropy, No Matter What Size

Ideas for Corporate Philanthropy, No Matter What Size

Philanthropy is part of our Mammoth Marketing culture. We strive to share our success with our communities by helping others in need. As we’ve learned, corporate generosity isn’t limited to larger firms with deep pockets. There are easy ways companies of any size can be charitable. Here are some we can try:

• Make It a Team Effort: In our Mammoth Marketing office, we make giving back something we can do together. We engage our team members in deciding which causes are most important to us and how we can support them (volunteering, fundraising, goods drives). Once we determine how we’re going to approach this philanthropic activity, we set goals and challenge each other to exceed them.

• Encourage Team Members to Give Back on Their Own: There are some companies that encourage their people to participate in philanthropy on their own. They support these activities by matching donations or allowing team members time off to volunteer.

• Sponsor Events: As we’ve noted through our Mammoth Marketing philanthropy, when we strive to give back to our community, it enhances our status as leaders. Some firms find the best approach is to sponsor events, such as concerts, galas, or community festivals. Others might choose to sponsor a junior sports team for a season. The opportunities are endless.

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