How to Embrace the Benefits of Small Group Networking

How to Embrace the Benefits of Small Group Networking

Our Mammoth Marketing learning environment offers our people the right mix of opportunities to expand their professional networks. We emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to connecting with others. Therefore, it goes without saying that some of the best networking is done when the group is smaller. Here are some ways to take advantage of a small group dinner or event:

” Be Authentic: One mistake people make when trying to impress others is to try to be something they’re not. We need to focus on our own strengths and project our own personalities when meeting others. While we might not be everything to everyone, we’ll make a better impression if we’re genuine to our own selves.

” Be a Great Guest: At every networking event, there’s always one person everyone wants to meet. If we observe carefully, that individual is not the one doing the talking. He or she is immersed in conversations in which others are the stars. In our Mammoth Marketing training, we encourage our people to become active listeners. In other words, they listen to understand and ask questions based on the information others share. They make others feel welcome by being sincerely interested.

” Avoid Only Discussing Business: Especially during a meal, it’s important to take a break from talking about work. Find common ground in other areas to build stronger connections.

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