Celebrating Team Member Brody’s Promotion

Celebrating Team Member Brody’s Promotion

It’s promotion time in our Mammoth Marketing office. This time, we’re celebrating Brody, who was recently promoted to assistant manager. Let’s learn more about this extraordinary team member.

If Brody is extremely familiar with Mammoth Marketing, it’s because he has been with our company from day one and has helped build it from the ground up. “No one can look back and say Brody hasn’t helped them in some way, shape, or form,” said Meghan, our Director of Operations. “He is extremely reliable and consistent. I consider him my go-to guy.”

Brody’s accomplishments speak for themselves. “Over the last 18 months, he has helped us launch contracts with two new retailers,” Meghan explained. “He has managed over 10 brands and spearheaded three test campaigns. Brody has managed and coached almost every person in the current team. He has attended regional and national conferences. He has traveled to eight different states for promotions and territory development.”

Mammoth Marketing wouldn’t be where it is today without Brody,” Meghan continued. “Therefore, I am extremely honored and privileged to promote him and continue to support him through the next chapter of his career.” As Meghan noted, Brody will likely be opening a new office in Colorado and launching a new territory with fifteen ambitious people he has nurtured.

With our firm’s success, we expect to promote more people shortly. Check out our Newswire to see who else has advanced.